What Is Dooring?

Posted in Lifestyle on Aug 20, 2019

A recent tragedy involving a professor who was killed as she cycled in central London has brought the dangers of “dooring” into sharp focus again.

Bespoke Road Cycling Weekend in Girona

Posted in Lifestyle on Jul 04, 2019

Ever dreamed of a cycling trip in a breath-taking area of the world? Cycle Accident Claims Solicitor Jan Canter did just that and cannot recommend the north-eastern city of Girona, Spain enough. Read his journal-like article below to discover his unique experience.

How to Enjoy a Stress-Free Cycling Commute

Posted in Lifestyle on Apr 05, 2019

Cycling to work is a great way of incorporating incidental exercise into your day, helping you to feel more energized and ready to ‘hit the ground running’ by the time you walk into the office.

Why cycling is so unique

Posted in Lifestyle on Jul 30, 2018

The world’s biggest, annual, free spectator sport has drawn to a close for another year. For the past three weeks we cyclists have been able to experience our version of TV heaven! Throughout this three week period, whether a rest day or not, all 21 stages - and the extended highlights - of the Tour de France have been covered live on Euro Sport and ITV 4.

Cycle accidents: What to do immediately

Posted in Lifestyle on Jun 22, 2018

It’s one of those things all cyclists hope will never happen, but with realities such as pothole-ridden roads, a sometimes confusing highway code and often illogical road design, cycling accidents are a real risk.

Our top picks: good cycling infrastructure

Posted in Lifestyle on Jun 13, 2018

Design is one of the best solutions to safety hazards for motorists and cyclists alike. There are some fantastic examples out there of intelligent and intuitive infrastructure design, that has cyclists in mind. We’ve picked out our five favourites, read more to find out which made our list.
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