Cycle accidents: What to do immediately

Cycling Accidents: What to do immediately

It’s one of those things all cyclists hope will never happen, but with realities such as pothole-ridden roads, a sometimes confusing highway code and often illogical road design, cycling accidents are a real risk.
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When an accident happens it can be devastating - physically, emotionally and financially. But a few small actions taken immediately following a collision can make a huge difference to your recovery and rehabilitation.

Here are some of the most important things to do:

Gather photographic evidence. This is something that’s much easier to do now that smartphones are a commonly used gadget. These photos can help confirm things like the vehicle details if a vehicle was involved, damage done to your bike, the location of the accident or images of a pothole if this was the cause.

Report it to the police. The sooner you do this the better in many cases, it’s certainly critical to report it within 24 hours. Notifying the police of a cycling incident is a useful thing to do if you have had a collision with a driver and they have left the scene. It can also be beneficial to your eligibility for making an insurance claim.

Record information about and relating to the accident. This ensures you do not forget any important details such as the registration and colour of the vehicle, the weather conditions on the day of the accident, names and addresses of the people involved.

Make a visit to A&E or your GP. Again this is something that it’s very important to do as soon as possible. Whether you have a visible injury or suspected whiplash, acting early means your chances of recovery are increased and also means that you will have medical confirmation of your sustained injuries.

Investigate your eligibility for a legal claim and start your recovery. Claiming compensation gives you chance to easily repair any damages sustained to your bike, cover loss of earnings due to time taken off work or even pay for necessary rehabilitation treatments such as physiotherapy. In addition, treatment can be arranged privately at no cost to you, which enables you to access the best form of rehabilitation, including physiotherapy, and even surgery.

The most important reason to do these things immediately following a cycling accident? Combined, they will help you regain your ability and your confidence quickly, so that you can get back in the saddle doing what you love most: cycling.

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