Speeding Motorists During Lock Down & Implications For Cyclists

Many of you will have seen the news articles on speeding motorists, including the very recent one on the motorist caught travelling at 151mph on the M1 near London!

I live in a suburb where many roads have 20mph limits because there are many small children and families living there. I have seen cars frequently in this lockdown achieving speeds in the region of 60-70mph in these areas.

Everyone knows the roads have been far less busy since the lock down for obvious reasons, with only key workers being allowed to travel by car and other employees too if it is not possible to work from home.

Certain motorists appear to be using the excuse that if there are so few other cars on the road, why should they have to comply with existing legal speed restrictions?

The double whammy here is of course that the number of cyclists now on the road has multiplied massively. The government has been very keen to emphasise that people are allowed and even encouraged to take daily exercise and by bike too.

The UK population appears to have embraced this call to cycling and from my own personal experience there are many people out cycling who have probably dusted down their one old bike from the cobwebs covering it after many years of sitting unused in the garage and have been taking to the bike in the lovely April sunshine.

A further example of how cycling is being encouraged in this lockdown is seen by how the government specifically allowed bike shops to stay open unlike the vast majority of retails shops.

So we have a bit of a dangerous situation in that we now have roads full of cyclists. This includes many who may not be well protected with helmets. This makes for a bad combination along with the motorists who are treating the roads like they are in a Formula One race!

The police and the Courts need to clamp down on this immediately, utilising the extra police officers freed up as a consequence of the otherwise falling crime rate and impose severe penalties for the speeding motorists so as to set a clear unambiguous deterrent before many are badly injured and more lives are lost.

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Author: Jan Canter, Solicitor, Cycle Accident Claims Management.

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