How likely am I to have a cycling accident?

In the UK cycling is as popular as ever, with almost 2 million journeys made by bike every day on British roads, according to data from

Cycling infrastructure has expanded with this rise in popularity, but nowhere near enough to ensure UK cyclists have adequate nationwide protection from motorists and other road users, as well as from poorly maintained roads. Cyclists and motorcyclists, along with pedestrians and even horse riders, are now classed as Vulnerable Road Users

As a result of this, there has been an increase in cycling accidents.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, almost 20,000 UK cyclists are injured or killed in cycle accidents each year, with 2000 being children.

These are the just the statistics for those incidents that have been reported, there may be countless more that have gone unrecorded.

75% of all bike accidents occur at or near junctions, with such T-junctions being the worst offender. Roundabouts also present many dangers to cyclists.

It's no surprise that 90% of cycle accidents occur in built up urban areas as most cycling takes place on busy city roads.

There are those who have a disdain for cyclists and like to make a point of telling us to "wear hi-vis" as if it is possible combat three tonnes of metal with a bit of shiny material, however these people may be surprised to learn that 80% of cycle accidents actually occur in daylight.

Cyclists are most likely at risk during rush hour between the hours of 8am-9am and 3pm-6pm on weekdays. This is unfortunately when most cyclists are commuting themselves.

Although cyclists can be involved in cycle accidents if guidelines and laws aren’t followed, there are more casualties and fatalities involving other road users. See our table below that shows various modes of transportation and the number of serious injuries and fatalities involving each on UK roads.

Road user type July '16 to Jun '17
Car 103,010
Motorbike 18,930
Bicycle 18,870
Pedestrian 24,190
Total 176,500
All child casualties 16,090

If you have unfortunately been involved in a cycle accident, you may be able to claim compensation for any injuries and damage sustained. If you have luckily not been involved in a cycling accident, read our top tips for staying safe on the road here.

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