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If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a physical or mental injury on top of any damage to your bike following a cycle accident, Cycle Accident Claims are on hand to get you the care and rehabilitation you need.

When involved in a cycle accident, any injury sustained can often be serious. This is why it is vital that you get medical treatment as soon as possible to ensure you can recover as swiftly as possible with minimal risk of any long term damage.

Of course, sometimes injuries are so severe that they require specialist medical care and rehabilitation and recovery time will be a lot longer as a result. This can mean an added financial burden for specialist treatment as well as any loss of earnings due to time away from work.

At Cycle Accident Claims we have access to an extensive network of specialist medical professionals who can provide you with the care and rehabilitation you need to return to the position you were in prior to the accident.

We will instruct our consultants to carry out thorough assessments of your requirements following any injuries and then set about organising the most suitable course of treatment and rehabilitation to get you on the road to recovery.

The most severe kinds of injuries sustained may involve requiring a carer (for such instances as brain damage or spinal injuries). This could mean having to make alterations to your home to make it a more suitable living environment. You may also have to pay for such things as occupational therapy and transport.

As well as physical injuries, a cycling accident can also leave you with psychological damage. Being involved in a collision is a traumatic event that may leave you mentally scarred, with fears of returning to cycling or the development of post traumatic stress disorder. Cycle Accident Claims will assist in getting you any necessary psychological treatment such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) or hypnotherapy.

At Cycle Accident Claims we won’t rest until you get the medical care and rehabilitation you need to get you back in the saddle and doing what you love most.

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