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If you've unfortunately been involved in a cycling accident, you may be able to claim for any injuries sustained, damage to your bike, kit and any other loss incurred such as loss of earnings or race fees.

What can I claim?

If you’ve unfortunately been involved in a cycling accident, you may be able to claim for any injuries sustained, damage to your bike, kit and any other loss incurred such as loss of earnings or race fees.

If your accident was the fault of an uninsured motorist you can claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. If you came off your cycle due to a poorly maintained road or cycle path you may be able to claim for compensation via the local landowner or authority.

At Cycle Accident Claims, our expert team of cycle accident UK specialists are on hand to offer free initial legal advice to help establish whether you have a claim for compensation following a cycle accident.

We will conduct a thorough investigation into your accident, and through our extensive network of medical experts gather an in-depth report on how much compensation you are in need of to cover any injuries, further treatment and rehabilitation.

We will also collect information on any damage to your bike, equipment and kit to help you recover the full cost of any financial loss.

If you have missed work through injury, or couldn’t participate in a race / sportive after paying the initial fee, we will seek to recuperate these costs too, so that you aren’t left out of pocket.

How much compensation will I receive?

This is a question we are often asked, however as each cycle accident claim is different, it is impossible to know exactly how much from the outset.

We first need to establish if somebody else was at fault for your accident such as a driver or local authority. After we establish this, we will set about gathering as much evidence as possible for your case to quantify how much cycle accident compensation you should expect.

There are two main categories for compensation with any personal injury and cycling accident claim, Compensation For Your Injuries and Out Of Pocket Expenses.

Compensation for your injuries

To fully establish how much compensation you should receive for any injuries sustained following a cycle accident, we will obtain your medical records before referring you to one of our trusted independent medical professionals.

We will organise the right specialist to assess you depending on how severe or unique the injury is.

If you have suffered any cuts, bruising or other types of wound it may be helpful to keep record of these to show your doctor as the assessment may not take place until several months after the accident.

Following the examination, the doctor will prepare a report that details how long they expect it to take you to recover, as well as any further treatment needed to aid you in your recovery.

The amount of cycle accident compensation for this part of your claim will be calculated taking into consideration how long the doctor believes it will take you to recover, whether there will be any long lasting or permanent injuries, disabilities or scarring, and whether you need further medical treatment.

Out of pocket expenses

This type of compensation covers any financial or “out of pocket” losses you incurred as a result of your cycle accident.

This will typically include any damage to your bike, including the cost of repair or if necessary replacement. It will also include damage to your clothing, cycling equipment and kit i.e. helmet, as well as any items damaged in the accident such as laptops or mobile phones.

Out of pocket expenses will also cover any loss of earnings due to time away from work, any travel expenses incurred due to being without your bike, any medication you had to buy to deal with your injury or injuries, as well as time spent by family having to care for you.

It may be the case that we have to instruct a local repairer to inspect your bike, and if necessary replace it entirely. The cost for this will be included in your out of pocket expenses compensation.

You should always keep receipts of all of your expenses to aid in the recovery of your cycle accident compensation.

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